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  • 1 LB Klamath Super Blue Green Algae Powder

    Power Organics is certified organic by Oregon Tilth, an organic certifying agency.Oregon-Tilth-organic certified Klamath Blue Green Algae Powder

    Refined dietary supplements may contain a high percentage of a specific nutrient, but if the body cannot absorb it, it’s of no use and can even be detrimental.

    Klamath Blue Green Algae’s microscopic size and soft cell wall is comprised of a gluco-lipo-protein complex, which is exactly what the body needs to absorb it.

    Powders are a popular way to consume algae because they are very easy to mix into smoothies, drinks and other meals such as pastas, salads, oatmeal and many others.

    The vibrant color of  powder also brings fantastic color to homemade meals, drinks and smoothies.

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  • Super Formula #1 OC-Classic Softgels, 180 capsules

    Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) claims the lives of more people in North America than any other disease. Offering excellent support for the cardiovascular system by providing natural sources of vitamins B5, B6, and B12, super antioxidants such as Alpha lipoic acid, and proven chelators EDTA and sodium alginate, Super Formula #1 OC-Classic is the ultimate cardiovascular supplement. Key Benefits Chelation helps remove unwanted toxins and waste from the cardiovascular system. Can help reduce LDL (“bad”) cholesterol oxidation as shown by in-vitro research. Contains royal jelly, an amazing substance created by honey bees, high in B-complex vitamins, protein, and fatty acids. Helps promote the optimal function of the cardiovascular system. Key Ingredients EDTA: (disodium ethylene diamine tetracetic acid) A proven chelator that has been used since the 1950's to bind and reduce the level of heavy metals and toxins in the circulatory system. Royal Jelly: Contains an abundance of nourishing and protective substances. Research demonstrates it can help with numerous health conditions, including cardiovascular wellness. Vitamin B12: Helps reduce levels of homocystine, a substance linked with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Alpha Lipoic Acid: Helps improve optimal cardiac nerve function. Directions Take one softgel twice daily. Ingredients in Formula One: Honey, Royal Jelly, honeybee pollen extract, disodium EDTA, magnesium chloride, Vitamin C (175 mg), Vitamin B12 (2 mg)
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