All products are tested by an Independent Laboratory to measure the amount of active ingredients. The test results are then forwarded to this office. Copies of the originals may be purchased.

Test has shown that ALOE VERA GEL will have an average of 99.5 2% water and only 0.48% Active Ingredients. According to Dr. Ivan Danhof the potentially Active Ingredients that promote healing and immune system enhancement are the large molecules (polysaccharides), which have the greatest benefit in healing. The Whole Leaf Aloe contains a higher percent of potentially Active Ingredients. These potentially Active Ingredients can be and are easily destroyed or lost.

The most common causes or reasons for loss or lack of Active Ingredients are:

1) Immature Plants

2) Time of year harvested

3) Area where the leaf came from

4) Environmental conditions: temperature range, rainfall, etc

5) Producers or processors of product (dilution)

6) Pasteurization (heat) or Stabilization Process

7) High heat of any type

8) Frost

9) Filtering

Aloe will vary in color, taste and potency with each batch bottled. (See nos. 1,2,3,4 and 8 above) Don’t let this disturb you. The reported results of tested products could test higher as well as lower. We have always taken the stand you should be consistent with your aloe intake. A steady use of a good Aloe drink will help cleanse and stabilize your body systems. Dr. Ivan Danhof stated that the proof of a good Aloe is with the results one gets from using the Aloe product.


Many bottlers of Aloe Vera label their products 98%, 99% and even 100% Aloe Vera. In fact, these Aloe Vera products when tested have little if any of the potentially Active Ingredients needed to benefit the body. Make absolutely sure you are getting the most potent product possible. Be sure of your provider’s experience and background.

We have verified testing of some name brands of Aloe Vera, which are listed on the back of this sheet. Many of these Aloe products do not have sufficient amounts of the potentially, Active Ingredients necessary for healing. Dr. H. Reg McDaniel cautioned “Make absolutely sure that what you are drinking is in fact, Aloe Vera Juice and not water’. Labels have been misleading. Why pay for a product which has had its potency destroyed? Use the best possible Aloe Vera.

The potentially Active Ingredient found in Aloe Vera is measured in mg/L. Tests (double blind placebo) have not been done to determine how much of this Active Ingredient is needed for an individual. AIDS patients drank 20 ounces or 1200 mg of the active ingredients per day. Active ingredients lower than this showed diminished benefits.

The following are past reports and what one would find in many Aloe Products.

R-PurAloe 18x Concentrate lots always exceed 17,500 Mucopolysaccharides MG / L Milligrams per Liter!

DATE BRAND      LOT#       PH       TS%     MS%    PREC    (PPT)     MS/TS    MG/L

* * * Normal filet 4.5 0.317 0.120 good 19.20 1 1,200.

2/91 *Aloe Ace/Dream Valley conc. #7-91 1 3.99 0.061 0.091 Abundant 126.12 190

2/91 True Health #8-1 1 1 4.09 0.258 0.004 none 1.55 40

3/91 **Forever Living 1 172 3.62 5.535 0.352 good 6.36 1,420

3/91 George’s Always Active Aloe 3632 8.55 0.017 0.000 none 0.00 0

4/91 R Pur Aloe Wholeleaf concentrate #910401 4.33 3.190 1.724 v. good 54-04 17,240

4/91 +Carrington/DeVeras 101161 3.57 1.572 0.164 fair 10.46 1,640

6/91 Schimmerhorn (Coat’s) 2040 3.74 3.677 0.840 none visible 2.284 840

6/91 Aloe Nae/Aloe Plus (Coat’..) 2334 3.86 3.974 0.068 none visible 1.711 680

7/91 Coat’s Aloe International 2208 3.92 3.954 0-222 fair 0-22 2,200

1/92 Lametco concentrate (I 0: I) 122791 3.7 2.787 0.712 good 25.55 7,120

1/92 R Pur Aloe concentrate /4 a”-, MS-2-48-A 3.94 4.753 1.768 Abundant 37.2 1 7,680

2/92 AloeNiqueconcentrate Aloe B#492 3.46 3.590 1.275 Abundant 35.5 1 2,7 50

* Something which is MeOH- Precipitatable has been added to this sample; this elevated level is not possible even with the most concentrated Aloe Vera Concentrate, High heat process.

+ This material has been exposed to high heat, almost undrinkable because of taste. One of the worst concoctions of aloe beverage I have ever sampled.

** The majority of the material comprising this sample is small molecules having a molecular weight less than 12,000 Daltons. Only four percent were the larger molecules which have the greatest benefit in healing. Of the MeOll solids about 64% represent larger molecules which have greater than 12,000 Daltons.

***Tests preformed in 1991-92. Each batch of 4 Best Health Aloe Concentrate is tested independently. The above table is an example of the categories the industry leaders review to grade efficacy.

This report is presented here to show the wide range of aloe available on the market and to show the various components that are measured to determine the efficacy of various aloes available.

*NOTE: All products have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days for  a full refund. For more information about our return policy, send us an e-mail, with “Return Policy” as your subject.

FYI  No evidence of Biologically Active Aloe Vera in “Aloe” Products sold at Walmart, CVS & Target