R Pur Aloe’s Cold-processed, Whole Leaf Aloe Body Lotion 8 oz Bottle




R Pur Aloe’s Cold-processed, Whole Leaf Aloe Body Lotion is a deep penetrating, moisturizing skin conditioner formulated to relieve skin discomfort, chapping and drying. This silky body lotion protects as it moisturizes and conditions dry skin to feel naturally smooth and soft.  R Pur Aloe’s Cold-processed, Whole Leaf Body Lotion aids in the relief of even the worst of sun burn pain in addition to soothing chaffed skin, rashes, dry lips. Especially healing for sun burns, abrasions and minor skin irritations, bee stings, insect and mosquito bites. It is also excellent as a contact medium for ultra sound treatments.  It can be mixed and used with a variety of other healing agents by simply mixing some body lotion with your healing agent before applying to the area to be treated.  Experiment by mixing a few drops of lavender oil, Vitamin E oil, colloidal silver and/or your other special ingredients in your fingertips with your R Pur Aloe Cold-processed, Whole Leaf Aloe lotion. Then apply to the area to be treated.  This process will actually help up to 30 times more of your special ingredients be absorbed deep into your skin and into your bloodstream and generative layers beneath you skin. This promotes long-term healing and cleansing like you have never experienced with any other oils or lotions.  Gently and liberally rub into area to be treated for 3-5 minutes.  If lotion becomes sticky use a bit more to facilitate the “slide” – in other words – to make the mixture slippery again to better facilitate the gentle massage. We recommend to NOT wash the area at all or until a few hours later… especially for sunburn and bug bites. Most notice up to a 90% relief of pain to the treated area in 5 to 10 minutes. The key is to gently massage the lotion into the affected area of 3-5 minutes.
In many cases you will not even find the location of the insect or mosquito bite the next day. One important key is to use the lotion ASAP after you experience the bite or burn.   Many report with regular use after a sunburn that unsightly peeling never occured – and that the burn turns into an even tan in as little as a day or two.

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